Friday, 7 November 2014

Recorder, Composing and Performing

I hope everyone had a happy and festive Diwali. Grades 3, 4 and 5 had a lot of fun composing and rehearsing their Diwali song to perform for our school Diwali celebration. We created our own lyrics by writing down our thoughts and experiences of Diwali. We then arranged the words to sound like song lyrics by using rhymes and similar length lines. A group of us then chose some loops that we liked on GarageBand (a composition program for Apple Mac) and we created a backing track. We then came up with a melody to sing our lyrics to over the backing track.
This is the result:

We also choreographed a dance to the song Happy Diwali from Home Delivery which we rehearsed in Music along with our own composition. We had so much fun performing this at the Diwali celebration:

Grade 3 are very busy in Music at the moment: we are learning to play the recorder and read musical notation through composing our own music.
Here's what happens:
First we compose a short piece of music by arranging our rhythm cards on the stave (the music lines that the notes go on). We use animal names to help us with the rhythms, eg dolphin, fish, crocodile, alligator, sea-turtle.

Then we practise our compositions. We work on getting the correct notes and rhythm, along with holding our recorders properly - making sure our fingers are covering the holes and that we are not over-blowing, and that we are making a "t" sound when we blow.

Once we have practised our pieces we perform them for each other and discuss our work. Sometimes we go back and make changes to improve it.

All of our compositions are photographed and printed out so that we can put them into our composition booklets. 

We will continue to practise our own pieces so that we can perform a selection of them at the end of our unit.
In one of our lessons we had a bit of fun sticking plastic animals to our compositions to help us with the rhythms.

We have started to make up interesting names for our compositions.

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